Climate and development action requires political will and financial support.

The International Tax Task Force brings together countries from around the world to advance options for international levies that will raise much needed revenue for the fight against climate change, and to support development and nature.

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Launched at COP28 in November 2023 and co-chaired by Barbados, France and Kenya, the International Tax Task Force brings member countries together to explore feasible, scaleable and sensible options for climate levies. These levies can be implemented to help the world fulfill Paris Agreement commitments.

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Our Mandate

The International Tax Task Force has received the highest possible level of endorsement from the founding countries. Its mandate builds on the Outcome of the Global Stocktake and complements other initiatives including the call for a UN Tax Convention and the OECD’s two-pillar global tax reform.

Who we are

The task force is led by co-chairs France, Barbados and Kenya. Other member states include Antigua & Barbuda, Spain, Marshall Islands and Colombia, with the European Commission, IMF and United Nations observing.

Each country co-chair has appointed a special Sherpa to the task force:

Climate Change Envoy, Kenya
Ali Mohamed
Director General for Globalization at the Ministry for European and Foreign Affairs, France
Aurelien Lechevallier
Principal Technical Advisor, Barbados
Dr. Arnold McIntyre

The task force’s secretariat is hosted by the European Climate Foundation (ECF), and is co-led by ECF Chief Executive Laurence Tubiana.



19-21 April: Washington DC, USA

Spring Meetings of the IMF & WB

Agreement on the task force's workplan 

Launch of impact studies on selected tax options

Literature review and analysis on potential tax design

Research and consultation phase begins

10-24 September: UNGA, New York, USA

Co-chair ministers meeting

The task force will identify the levy options to take forward on the basis of the results of the impact studies

11-24 November: Baku COP29

Co-chair Heads of State or Government meeting

The ITTF co-chairs' Heads of State or Government will issue a joint declaration agreeing on the options to take forward in 2025 and give the task force the mandate to start discussions on how to allocate revenues


April: Washington DC Spring Meetings of the IMF & WB

Formal meeting of the sherpa group

30 June - 4 July

International Conference on Financing for Development

September: UNGA, New York

Formal meeting of the sherpa group

Agreement on  the final design of the new tax options
Lead countries on each option decide on a final outreach plan

November: Belem, COP30

Heads of state/government meeting

Co-chairs' Heads of State or Government issue a series of joint declarations agreeing to implement new international taxes at domestic level or in a relevant international forum.


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The International Tax Task Force was launched in November 2023 by Barbados, France and Kenya. The task force now has eight members, including: France, Barbados, Kenya, Antigua & Barbuda, Spain, Marshall Islands and Colombia.

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